Ambleside Backpackers Hostel on line booking information and availability calender Sorry but you night owls who like to party til 4am will not be welcome here.99%+ of our visitors prefer a good day of activity outside and a good night sleep inside.
Book online here only if you intend to be back in the hostel at a reasonable time please.

Ambleside Backpackers Hostel

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Welcome to Ambleside Backpackers, Lake District Hostels online booking page,
The Lake district, England, The United Kingdom.

Sorry, hostel is closed to bookings at the moment

You can book private 4 & 6 bed rooms, up to 6 male room beds, 6 female room beds, 6 mixed room beds or 2 beds in a mixed room on line on the system above.
Any of the dorm beds you book may be in a room with up to 10 beds in it!
You can phone to book specific room sizes as well as the 4 and 6 bed rooms.
The terms used can be a bit confusing as it is a hotel booking system not a hostel booking system, hang on in there!
Select the dates you want, click 'book' and you will be taken to another screen where you can select the number of beds you require.
The '2 beds in a mixed room' is a function we had to use to get trip advisor booking and pricing to work - you can however book 2 beds in a mixed room by using it!
Reductions for 3 nights or more.
Please email or phone us if there are no beds are shown the nights you want, there may be some!

Book rooms for private use;

Sorry, Hostel is closed to bookings at the moment

2 bed room 50.00, 4 bed room 92.00, 6 bed room 138.00, 7 bed room 161.00,

8 Bed room 184, 10 bed room 230.00

Reductions for stays over 3 nights.
Please book direct with hostel by phone to book 2, 7, 8 or 10 bed rooms. 015394 32340

If you want to book the whole hostel, a winter special, the 2 bed or the bigger dorms or if you have a question please email us, or phone us on
+44 (0) 15394 32340. 0800-1200hrs and 1630-2100 hrs is best if you can.

This booking system is for booking dorm beds at Ambleside Backpackers Hostels, speciality lodgings, Iveing Cottage, Old lake Road, Ambleside, LA22 0DJ. Cumbria, The United Kingdom near Europe. You can book single or multiple beds in a male or female dorm, 2 beds or more in a mixed dorm . Most people report getting a 'really good night sleep' at the hostel, and we ask everyone to be quiet after 11 pm . However this is to a certain extent dependant on all who stay being considerate and mindful of other people and moving about quietly at night. We thank you in advance for this. The good quality thick fitted carpet and underlay we have had fitted has made a huge difference to both noise and comfort in the hostels dorms.